Our top 7 Liverpool-Bordeaux Links

All this excitement got us thinking about the links Liverpool has with the city of Bordeaux – in addition to both being cities and home to many cultural happenings, here’s a rundown of our top similarities.

1. Liverpool est Bordeaux

The name “Bordeaux” derives from the French “au bord de l’eau,” meaning “along the water.” Making reference to the Gironde estuary and rivers that play a pivotal role in the history and success of this beautiful region.

Liverpool – its name founded literally from the pool of water surrounding the area, the River Mersey is what made Liverpool the port city of the world. And we both love to party on the Waterfront!

2. The Six Graces Between us

You know Liverpool’s Three Graces – but do you know the Three Graces Fountain in Bordeaux?

The Three Graces Fountain was created with the intention to open the city up onto the river, and give a prestigious welcome to travelers.

Similarly – Liverpool’s majestic Liver, Cunard and Port of Liverpool Buildings offer a grand welcome on the Pier Head, which was – and for some still is the landing site for passenger ships travelling to and from the city.

3. It’s all about packaging…

The Romans founded Bordeaux so when they came over to Chester, they brought the wine to the region with them – but just in barrels.

According to a local wine expert; as the port of Liverpool developed, the barrels of wine were imported from Bordeaux to Liverpool – where it was bottled and labelled at the Liverpool docks before being transported to America and the rest of the UK!

4. What a Pair – UNESCO World Heritage Waterfronts

In Bordeaux, the Port of the Moon (named after its moonlight shape), represents an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble, that even with development has maintained its breathtaking style.

Pier Head, The Albert Dock and Stanley Dock are all designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With purposeful and grand design – Liverpool was a pioneer in the development of modern dock technology, and its architecture makes it an unrivalled film location – particularly for New York and London-set productions.

5. Sergeant Poivres

In 1966, Paul McCartney visited Bordeaux, looking for inspiration for what was to be Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Paul spent a night in a Bordeaux club – or at least tried to. Wearing the moustache and glasses disguise he had prepared to allow him to travel incognito, the club staff wouldn’t let him in! It was on the return home from this trip when, Paul had the idea to develop the band’s alter egos – and the Sgt Pepper band was born.




6. We both love Tall Ships

Liverpool’s Bordeaux Wine Festival is taking place over the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta on 25 – 28 May. Tall Ships events are always huge in Liverpool, being the biggest event of our famous 2008 celebrations, fans also turn out in their thousands in Bordeaux!

Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta will be a cultural adventure experience on dry land and an exciting adventure on the high seas sailing from Liverpool –to Dublin, Dublin – to Bordeaux, where Bordeaux’s own Fête le Vin will be celebrated amongst the fleet.

7. When trade between France & England halted – we still got our Bordeaux Wine

In the 18th century, tensions between English & French governments halted all “official” trade between Bordeaux and the British market.


However, despite government sanctions, bottles of prized Bordeaux wines began showing up in large quantities at British auction houses – can you imagine drinking non-Bordeaux wine?!





So you could say Liverpool & Bordeaux are the perfect pairing. Remember, you don’t have to go all the way to Bordeaux to go to the Bordeaux for a world famous Wine Festival, it’s right here in Liverpool – a UK first!!!

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